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Peter Boulware Toyota of Columbia wants to help you to find the best car, truck or SUV for you and your family, even if you don’t have perfect credit. We are often able to help people get credit to buy a car who have had difficult credit situations including bankruptcy. Using all of our bank and credit union relationships, we will work to find a good loan for you and develop a program to help you rebuild your credit history. Don’t go to a Buy Here, Pay Here lot, when you can come to a reputable car dealership like Peter Boulware Toyota of Columbia. Apply Now

 Financing a Car

Credit issues? We will do everything we can to help you buy a car!

Sometimes credit can get in the way of buying a vehicle when you need one. Whether it’s for work or family or even personal driving needs – we will work to find a car and loan that fits your credit and budget. Fortunately, at Peter Boulware Toyota of Columbia, we’ve seen and worked with buyers with all kinds of credit challenges:

• Subprime credit
• Bankruptcy issues
• Divorce that affected credit
• Repossession
• Lack of collateral
• Inconsistent Job History
• No standard paycheck

At Peter Boulware Toyota of Columbia, You’ll be welcomed to work with our Finance Experts to get you a loan that works for you. Working with us is safer move than relying on one of those shady “low or no credit” or Buy here Pay Here lots.

Car Loan

Finance Center Experts

Our finance center has many credit lenders that we work with to help you secure a loan. And – You’ll be treated with the courtesy & appreciation you deserve. As an added benefit, financing a car can be a great step toward rebuilding your credit.

Pre-Approval form

Get Preapproved to buy a car

To get a leg-up on the finance process, you can begin to utilize our financing tools right now. The pre-approval form will help to ease the process and the time you will spend at the dealership. By filling out a credit application in advance, we will be able to help you know what might be the best car for your current budget and credit situation.

Also, with the payment calculator, you’ll have a good understanding of how your vehicle of choice will fit into your budget.

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