20 year warranty on new Toyota vehicles




Limited Power Train Warranty on new Toyota Vehicles
(0-5000 miles)



PowerTrain Coverage:

Engine: Engine Block and Cylinder heads and all internally lubricated parts, including pistons, piston rings, pins and cylinder sleeves; crankshaft, pulley, main bearings, caps and bolts, connecting rods, rod bearings, caps and bolts; connecting rods, rod bearings, cam shaft(s), camshaft bearings, buttons and plugs, timing gears and timing chain or belt; rocker arms, rocker arm pivots, shafts and bushings; intake and exhaust valves, springs, guides, adjusters, retainers and seats; pushrods and lifters; intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, balance shaft; water pump, fuel pump, thermostat, oil pump,cover, gears, pressure relief valve and screen; rotor housing, rotors, shims and silent shaft; all internal fasteners, nuts and bolts; turbocharger/supercharger assembly, including boost valve and wastegate; oil pan, valve, timing and side covers; thermostat housing, water pump pulley; engine mouths; harmonic balancer; flex plate/flywheel and ring gear; seals and gaskets.

Transmission/Transaxle/Transfer Case: Transmission/Transaxle case and all internally lubricated parts,
including ring and pinion gears; oil pump, cover, gears, housing and vanes; torque converter; valve body(s); throttle valve, valve pack, governor, gear and cover, parking gear and pawl; roll pins, sprags, sprockets; chain; springs; stator and shaft, pressure regulator valve, pressure switches; solenoids; bands; automatic transmission/transaxle clutch, drums, pistons and steel plates; planetary and sun gears; servos and rings, blockers, synchronizer hub and keys; bearings; bushings; supports and shafts; control ring, yoke, extension housing; speedometer drive gears; accumulators and rings; adjusters, all internal fasteners; nuts and bolts; shift cover and forks; separate bell housing; oil pan, detent cable, kickdown link; TVI/throttle cable; vaccum modulator; transmission mounts; transfer case and all internal parts contained within the transfer case; seals and gaskets (Standard transmission clutch assemblies and all component parts are NOT covered)

Drive Axle: Differential/axle housing(s) and all internally lubricated parts including the axle flange, ring and pinion gear/carrier assembly; spider gears and bearings; pins, retainers, positraction, clutches, plates and springs; cover; constant velocity joints; slip joint; front wheel drive axles/halfshafts and wheel bearings; u-joints, couplings, flex disc, prop shafts, center support bearings; seals and gaskets.

Fluid Coverage: We will pay for replacements of necessary oil and fluids, oils, greases and lubricants that must be replaced in conjunction with a covered repair. This coverage does NOT apply to shop supplies

Deductible and Uncovered Costs: For each repair, YOU will be responsible for the 1st $100 of the covered cost of repairs per assembly, and for any other costs not covered by this Limited warranty. When a breakdown to a covered part occurs which is covered by a manufacturer’s extended warranty, WE will reimburse YOU for the difference between OUR deductible and the manufacturer’s deductible. If the same covered part previously repaired under this Limited Warranty fails again, the deductible will be waived.

Transferability: The Limited Warranty is NON TRANSFERABLE and expires the day the vehicle is traded,sold, declared a total loss and/or upon any change in ownership.